Tokyo Tower / APA Hotel Ikebukuro North Exit

Hello. This is Kirin (@kirinaccount).

I came up to Tokyo Tower.
The Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020.


          1. Tokyo Tower
          2. APA Hotel Ikebukuro North Exit



Elevator to the top of Tokyo Tower


Kirin had to go to Tokyo because he needed to go.

I was able to see Toranomon Hills in Tokyo sightseeing.

The Mori Building Group owns over 30 buildings in Tokyo .

I caught it by ear.

It ’s a little memory,

・ Sunshine Ikebukuro Aquarium

・Pokemon Center

 Went to sightseeing.



About Tokyo Tower 

But is a faint memory, Tokyo Tower 2 by a discussion of the founders 2 but was the one who the president-style with people 1 may people were also involved aviation relationship, 1 person concrete by the discussion of the architect’s My goal is

・ I want to take aerial shots

・ I want to make the building visible from an airplane

(It’s like a lighthouse at sea)

・ Radio tower for aircraft

A tower with a purpose such as was completed.

The impression is that it was in the Reiwa era, but I think that it was amazing that it was completed in the Showa era.

The Imperial Palace is partly surrounded by a moat, and it seems that there was a fire accident on the day of coronation Reijoden and traffic was regulated in the surrounding area.

apa ikebukuro tokyo kitaguchi olympic

I stayed at the APA Hotel Ikebukuro North Exit.


Price: 8.000 yen (excluding tax)

The way to the hotel

I thought the walk to the hotel was near Ikebukuro station, but it is far on foot.

Around the hotel

There are many hotels around the 14 -story hotel and there is a convenience store (Lawson) within a 1- minute walk .

Hotel dining facilities

This hotel has a restaurant open only during breakfast time.

Hotel facilities

The vending machine corner (beverage corner) is on the first floor.

The floor is marbled and clean.

・ Pool

・Big bath

 there is no.

It can be recommended as a base for business and sightseeing.



Hotel room

・ Mirror dressing table

・ Full-length

・ Kutsubera

From a men’s perspective, I would like to put it on as long as I can remember it.

We think that amenity goods are good enough.


・ Face wash

-Hand wash soap push foam.

・ Razor / Chick Schick Protector Disposable.

・ Exclusive outlet for electric shaver shaver

・ Ventilation equipment is a unit bathroom

・ Glass revolving door

(I stayed on the top floor so I didn’t open much)



·Body Soap

・ Body towel

・bath towel


・trouser presser

・ Foldable items for placing luggage


・ Empty small refrigerator

・ Three pairs of slippers

I got the first impression that the washlet is a water supply type and it takes a little time.




It is in

There are also TV, BS, ground and APA Hotel screens.

The floor of the room is a carpet.

The window was a little open Revolving window (Because I stayed on the top floor, for safety) Curtain was flameproof curtain.

Flame-proof blankets and down pillows were brought to me when I called the lobby.

Although there is a mineral water service from the second night onwards, drinking water was okay.

(I think it is safe because it is sensitive to water.)

Pizzara can order food for the home-delivery / delivery service .

(American / Western tourists will ask)

If you don’t need room cleaning, you can hang a sign on the doorknob or a sign that says Do not wake up.

The fire-fighting equipment has an emergency staircase, and two smoke-proof hoods are placed in the room door in different colors.

You can make a reservation early. We recommend Expedia, which you used this time.➡

Be careful of your physical condition

Please do your best until you pass.

I support you.