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Post brand 1 example

– Koaman

– Ekusensu

– borderless



1. Core Man booster system
2. bees missing
3. borderless

Let’s wear a life jacket for safety.

Please click here fishing site Campari official site.

It is also popular sea bass fishing.

Suzuki For

In winter there is a habit of moving to the deep field.

Kirin is is not much interested in vegetables

It is vegetables Speaking of jigging .

Description of item

  • New size to JIGPARA short, 50g & 60g appeared!
  • To “JIGPARA” short series, your long-awaited of 50g and 60g has emerged. To painted surfaces, Nebari against shock, hardly causes “Super Multi-layered coating” of peeling cracking adopted. And when the cast, sharp silhouette is outstanding feeling of use with reduced resistance at the time of jerk to the limit. Natural slow fall by the left-right asymmetry body + center balance is automatically hit the irregular Hilla, design is easy to produce a timing of not eaten. It is cast with a day trust “King of standard jig”, it is JIGPARA.
  • Use: Use the MAJORCRAFT MH class or more rods to the situation aiming the vegetables of medium-sized – large.
  • Hook: high strength to the front, the original Ise nun hook equipped with ultra-rust. Rear set with consuming outstanding rust treble in Good Gape.

Product Details

  • Jigupara short
  • Size: 50g
  • Length: 93mm
  • Short

Jig towards the tune-up blade if put in is good is COSPA.

Jigging is the middle layer from the bottom is possible to aim for is basic , but the fishing if you use a jig to the sea bass was able to high fishing how.

· Fishing porter in the fall and lift Fukajo.

But is Koaman, known for “Day Game” If you’re the sea bass fishing and do not those who do not know , but I think

2 Here are some of the points goods.

Size is # 3 is large.

Koaman booster system # 3

Koaman booster system # 2

Koaman tune-up blade # 2

Description of item

  • Shine! spin! Decoying!
  • High-performance blade in pursuit of the wave and sensitivity!

Product Details

  • Size: # 2
  • Length: 34mm
  • PB-20 power blade genuine
  • Color: # 004 Gun Metal

Description of item

  • Shine! spin! Decoying!
  • High-performance blade in pursuit of the wave and sensitivity!

Product Details

  • Size: # 3
  • Length: 42mm
  • PB-24 PB-30 power blade genuine
  • Color: # 004 Gun Metal

Core man tune-up blade # 3


Set is a set of Orurudo fishing equipment (fishing Japan) photos Amazon and site I’m sometimes you’ve listed in the.

Phishing Japan is still listed.

The following is a sea bass fishing – bees missing ~

Bee is polychaetes.

Sea bass fishing – bees missing ~

For the location “place name”, “sea bass”, “location”

Search in Reference place will come out.


Bee is polychaetes.


The sea and the river in the midst bloodworm-isomerase, polychaetes of sand.

You Hosei will Fertilization and out into the water to leave the offspring in the spring.

And place / estuary

Seasonal / spring, is the night of the spring tide.

A typical gimmick for the missing bees, we will put.

Lure / DUO / Manic

Description of item

  • Ultra-long shot + range control performance can open up a new area. Manic is designed entirely on the basis of the new concept. But it is likely to be determined that for the bees from their appearance, simple and therefore its corresponding force does not choose the bait. The one and only action delicate waves “Manic Move” is produce is, in the approach of the conventional no longer reaction, major points and the high pressure, and delivers the overwhelming power in the capture of strong vigilance Ranker class. Manic 135 tailored to Dekabachi is provided with a wave and overwhelming long cast performance is long body produce, it will surely capture the situation that could not attack
  • Body shape is, of course, a narrow specific gravity set width, buoyancy and weight position, the action of the Manic perfectly up many elements, realized on the basis of its fine balance, automatic Water resistance for the S-shaped and buttocks pretend actions that are produced in, tight roll only. It emerged When you start the retrieve to quickly action is rising just under the surface and generates an exquisite undertow. Body ultra low resistance design a pointed tip shifting Fukkuai tails inward

Product Details

  • Overall length: 135mm
  • Weight: 21g
  • Type: the center of gravity fixed, Sinking
  • Action: micro-vibration Thailand trolling
  • Hook: Front / # 8, rear / # 6
  • Range: 0 ~ 0.3m
  • Ring: Fukkuai # 3
  • Holo base: Clear coloring

Koaman IP-26

Color: # 018 Borakonoshiro

Size: 26g

Applications: Chivas Surf ship embankment Iso vibration metal jig hard lure sea water

We have put an example what you need

Landing shaft

Major craft landing net first cast landing set 5m

Rod / Daiwa / Liberty Club

Chivas rod spinning Liberty Club 96M

Reel / Daiwa / Liberty Club

Spinning reel 17 Liberty Club 3000

Line (yarn) (No. 1) OPA PE lines 500 meters 4 Part 5 colors

Snap (for example) Daiwa D- snap light L economical 8

Harris / Seger / line Seeger 150 150m 5 No.

Often heard, but I think you also experience

Borderless There is experience that had broken in the car.

Description of item

  • Chivas game, dedicated lever brake reel birth that has been polished to think that much! Was dyed jet-black, weapons and realism silhouette is delicate and have a fearless. Newly developed EXS brake in order to contain the behavior of the Chivas unique, such as tail walk and gills washing, such as a dedicated straight lever with improved operability, many equipped with special features that were only allowed to flagship model. I want to catch all of the successful sea bass in hooking! Like fun the game with new heights! Fulfill the desire of sea bass anglers continue to lead the scene, but high-end model that will also meet a joy to own.

Product Details

  • Gear ratio: 6.6
  • Maximum braking force (kg): 3
  • Maximum drag force (kg): 10
  • Its own weight (g): 225
  • Spool dimension (diameter mm / Stroke mm): 47.5 / 14.5
  • Nylon winding amount (No. -m): 1.5-165,1.7-150,2-130
  • PE winding amount (No. -m): 0.8-230,1.0-180,1.2-150
  • The maximum take-superior (cm / handle 1 rotation): 98
  • Handle length (mm): 55
  • Bearing the number of SA-RB / Roller: 13/0
  • ※ PG = power gear specifications, XG = extra high gear specification, C = compact body, is M = Medium deep spool.
  • △ maximum winding supervisor has become the calculated value by the spool before the collar outermost diameter.
  • ※ white seal that is attached to the line clip of the spool, please use without taking. Is the parts required to hold the yarn.

Professional is using, [EXSENCE S902ML / F-3 ] is the But the end was looking for in the Internet feel like a little different from you, but sold out to.

Description of item

  • Technical Pathfinder – capture the harbor part in sensitive
  • Chivas game development in conjunction with the high pressure of the harbor, the battleground area of ​​the river. To capture the cunning sea bass lurking in this area, technical approach and delicate by the lightweight worms and small sinking pencil, of course, it was long cast a vibration and the top plug, be bold approach to extensively search the highly active fish Needed. Rod that combines these contradictory sea bass game higher dimensions “S902ML / F-3 Technical Pathfinder”. Adopting a special three-piece parallel passage structure as seabass rod. Is # 1 obtained the delicacy equipped with a high sensitivity and supple tubular “SOFTUBE TOP”, and a high sensitivity to accurately perceive the action of the tide of change and the lure, to follow the short bytes excellent biting performance exhibited. Gave a moderate cushioning # 2, conceal the Inashi performance prevent a line break during the fight with the sea bass. # On the third produce a far-throw performance given the bat power Furikireru firmly the lure. Rod gave a clear role to each piece “S902ML / F-3” is …

Product Details

  • Overall length (m): 2.8
  • Joint number (this): 3
  • Informal Noh play dimension (cm): 99.2
  • Its own weight (g): 139
  • Saki径 / Moto径 (mm): 1.5 / 13.5
  • Fit lure Weight (g): 4 ~ 25
  • Fit line PE (No.): 0.4-1.2
  • Reel seat position (mm): 370
  • Carbon content (%): 97.6


Shimano borderless BB

Fit Rure
3 ~ 35

Description of item

  • Feel free to enjoy free style. A variety of tricks in freestyle, potential and stylish design that corresponds to the fish.
  • “Free Style & stylish” embankment center of all-round rod on the concept of. Black sea bream, sea bream, sea bass, gray, rockfish, scorpionfish, filefish, horse mackerel … and the target fish, versatile design that does not limit the trick. Blanks, guide, by the weight of the reel seat, the nimble operability fatigue even waving one day realized. Blanks of spiral X equipped to demonstrate the strong and stable performance in twisted, allowing powerful exchange. Lineup in the dike (Kase-raft) with easy-to-use hardness M ranks a total of 4 items of up to 4.95m, which can accommodate from 3.8m to shore fishing Okiiso and black sea bream (1.5 No. equivalent).

Product Details

  • Overall length: 4.95m
  • Joint number: This 4
  • Informal Noh play Dimensions: 133cm
  • Its own weight: 155g
  • Saki径: 1.3mm
  • Moto径: 15mm
  • Weight load: 1.5 to 4 No.
  • Fit Harris: 1.5 to 4 No.
  • Carbon content: 99.1%
  • Feature: Spiral X, Carbon Tubular tip, all-SiC guide, CI4 made reel seat, EVA grip, STC-B top cover

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